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          麥克林事業朝氣蓬勃,在上?;@區設有20000平方米的生產研發基地和龐大的倉儲物流中心,在山東設有占地90000平方米的北方基地,憑著一支富有創造天賦的專業團隊,新技術、新產品層出不窮。目前,麥克林產品已達150000 多種,并呈持續增長態勢。產品包括通用試劑、藥物合成試劑、手性化合物、催化劑及配體、分析試劑、生物試劑等。麥克林的柔性生產線能夠快速提供小批量、多品種的產品,可以滿足實驗室研發、中試乃至規?;a需要。



    Shanghai Macklin Biochemical Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier for high–end research reagents. We aim to provide technology and industrial customers throughout the world with product resources and supporting technical services.

    Macklin is founded in 2013 and located in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang High Tech. Park, Shanghai Zhangjiang has an independent R&D center,and has established subsidiaries and offices in Los Angeles, Beijing,Guangzhou, Chengdu, Jinan, Wuhan, Xi’an,Changsha,Nanjing and Suzhou. The convenient and all-around service can be provided to customers worldwide.

    Macklin is full of vigor and vitality. It has 20,000 square meters of manufacturing center, R&D center and advanced logistics center. It has a northern base covering 90,000 square meters in Shandong. The new technology and pioneer products emerged endlessly based on a dynamic, creative team of professionals. Macklin has more than 120,000 kinds of products, and the number is still increasing. The products include general reagents, drug synthesis reagents, chiral compounds, catalysts & ligands, analytical reagents and biochemical reagents. The flexible production line can quickly provide small batch and a variety of products which can satisfy the lab-scale research, pilot production and even large-scale production.

    “Interests follow sincerity” is our management philosophy. We commit ourselves to seeking, establishing and developing mutual trust and long–term relationship with customers in the fields of chemicals, pharmacy, analysis, materials, energy, biology and so on.

    Macklin will lend every effort in our power toward the realization of “Serving the global scientific and technological modernization, providing nutrients and catalyst for the flourishing of science and technology of human beings.


    For more information, E-mail:info@macklin.cn

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